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Fleet Drivers

Keep Your Team


The most frequent drivers on the road face the highest possibility of accidents. Retrain your drivers and help improve their driving performance.


Organizations that utilize teams of drivers understand that there are driving risks involved with moving product in our fast pace world. The sheer exhaustion of getting packages and freight from point A to point B is highly demanding on the drivers and often compromises their ability to stay focused on their driving skills when the clock is ticking for timely deliveries.

We recognize the limitations placed on organizations to retrain their driving staff and the costs incurred to get drivers up to speed on better driving performance to reduce the costs of insurance, damage to trucks, etc.  The Driving Experience offers opportunities for delivery services, corporate fleet drivers and others that may benefit, to participate in our driving simulator program to help their driving team improve their driver's skills to maximize safety on long haul and local delivery routes.  

Simulator driving for fleet drivers presents them the opportunity to change the driving dynamics in a safe and controlled environment without risking harm or danger to themselves or others. The driving simulators we utilize at The Driving Experience have been well-received by organizations such as UPS, and have been instrumental in the  reduction of crashes.  It supports and demonstrates the importance of engaging in a simulated environment to retrain our thinking and improve our driving skills in any situation. 

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