Teen Drivers

Teen drivers will learn safe driving habits and begin their driving experience the right way.

Our programs are designed to maximize the driving experience on our simulators and expose our drivers to the real dangers and real situations that may occur in the real world.  With each program, we aim to enhance and improve the driving skills while identifying the essential and critical decisions that may save the lives of our new and skilled drivers.  

The programs are as follows and are packaged as 4 hour packages for maximum learning and overall improvement of skills, but may only be used in 1 hour increments per reservation time:

DE - Driving Essentials: The 15 primary modules of the driving simulator program.  It includes the pre-assessment to set the baseline of skills and takes the driver through all the lessons geared to improve the driving experience.  A post-assessment will be used to show improvement levels and mastery of the simulator program.

OSD - One Simple Decision: Distracted driving and impaired driving are critical factors in today's driving.  The OSD module will take drivers through a series of situations and consequences related to making the decision to allow distractions and poor choices while driving.

FD - Free Drive:  Our driving environments are not static.  In Free Drive, the conditions for driving may be changed to teach drivers about uncontrollable situations determined by weather, traffic conditions, time of day and location driving. 

All drivers must complete the Consent and Release form prior to beginning the program.

Additional Program

Making Better Choices

One Simple Decision is an additional program in the simulator that focuses on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. 

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