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Our basic simulator program is geared towards helping drivers improve their driving skills by practicing good driving habits, understanding the rules of the road, learning about

potential road hazards, and safely making critical decisions when encountering driving challenges.  

This program includes Driving Essentials - the 15 lesson modules with a Free Drive module for those that want to explore driving in variant weather conditions, time of day, and traffic flow.  

   0.  Tutorial​

  1. Pre-assessment - Skills Baseline

  2. Car control -  Speeding & Physics

  3. Scanning & Hazard Detention - Keep Your Eyes Moving

  4. Subtle Clues - Enhance Scanning Techniques

  5. Hidden Hazards - Expect the Unexpected

  6. What If? - Anticipation Training & Overcorrection

  7. Managing Intersections - Scanning & Anticipation

  8. Signaling - Communicate Your Intentions

  9. Safe Following Distance 

  10. Space Management - Keep Away From Other Vehicles

  11. Share the Road - Bicycles & Motorcycles

  12. Weather & Road Conditions - Skidding & Hydroplaning

  13. Parking Lots & Backing Dangers - See and Be Seen

  14. Deterring Distracted Driving - Texting & Distractions

  15. Post Assessment - To Measure Improved Proficiency

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OSD Video

OSD Video

Play Video

Free Drive (FD)

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Free Drive

Within the Free Drive module, drivers are provided the opportunity to change their driving environments for weather, time of day, type of traffic flow and location.  The goal is to allow drivers to practice independently and create different scenarios to challenge themselves and improve their skills.  This module is useful for someone looking to practice what they have learned either in real behind the wheel driving or after completing the 15 Driving Essential lessons 

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