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Steering Wheel
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Our program is designed to maximize the driving experience on our simulators and introduce our drivers to the dangers, situations that may occur in the real world.  Within each lesson, we aim to enhance and improve driving skills while identifying the essential and critical decisions that may save the lives of our new and skilled drivers.  

The program consists of the 15 programmed lessons that begin with a Pre-Assessment, to determine a baseline level of skill followed by instructive lesson geared to develop the fundamental skills needed to understand road engagement and concludes with a Post-Assessment that captures the development of the skills learned.  On average, most students are able to complete the program within a 5 hour period of time broken into 1 hours increments for most effective learning.

DE - Driving Essentials: The 15 primary modules of the driving simulator program.  This is the bulk of the program and is where most of the work is done to gauge performance, development and comprehension. Novice drivers often score low on the Pre-Assessment because of lack of exposure to the driving experience.  Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson and begins to extend the knowledge needed to understand basic driving requirements.  The Post-Assessment becomes a great visual snapshot of all that is learned and provides our students a sense of accomplishment they may not have expected to attain. 

FD - Free Drive:  Our driving environments are not static.  In Free Drive, the conditions for driving may be changed to teach drivers about uncontrollable situations determined by weather, traffic conditions, time of day and location driving. 

All drivers must complete the Consent and Release form prior to beginning the program.

Lesson Overview
Lesson Overview

If you would like to see what each lesson covers, the link provided gives a brief glimpse at what each lesson entails, teaches, and aims to provide our drivers.

This is especially useful for parents wanting to see how each lesson will benefit their new driver and initiate conversations with their driver about how the experience may be implemented in  their real life driving.  

Take a look at the lessons here (password:LearnVDI2022) and see the courses your driver will experience as they work to improve their driving experience. 

driving simulator
Additional Information
Additional Information

Start with our driving simulator 

Although not required by the state of California, driving simulator's are a key component for learning to become familiar with the driving experience in a safe, controlled and dynamic environment.  


Practicing on our simulators reinforces good driving habits that may elevate your driving experience to a level of awareness and safety best suited for the real world.

The Driving Experience is designed to complement the existing requirements for driver's education and driver's training.


Simulator courses are not required by the state of California. We offer the program as enhancement and reinforcement to the training required for licensure. 


California is one of many states that utilizes the "graduated driver licensing" program.  It positions new, inexperienced drivers on a slow, methodical series of stages in order to protect them from accidents and help them gain the driving experience to be safer drivers which gradually allows for licenses to be issued.


California teens under the age of 18 must complete these stages before a final driver's license is issued (AAA - Teen Drivers, A Guide To California's Graduated Driver License):

Stage 1 - obtain a provisional permit

Stage 2 - obtain a provisional license

Stage 3 - provisional license becomes a full license when you have met the CA DMV requirements

Our program at The Drivers Experience adds an additional level of mastery for those novice drivers, newly licensed drivers and experienced drivers that are looking to continue improving their driving experience by participating in unfamiliar (or familiar) scenarios that may create some uncertainty or leave them with a lack of confidence. 


 Driving simulators are a great pre-cursor to the Stage 1 requirements of the graduated driver licensing system 


Experiencing what it will feel like to be behind the wheel of a car, learning what the road looks like from the "driver's" seat and getting a sense of all the subtleties of driving is best experienced in a simulated environment.  We encourage all our drivers to make their mistakes on our simulators so that they will appreciate the seriousness of driving. 

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