Stay Informed

"Your Future Is Calling; Will You Pick Up?"

When your reasons to believe you're safe to drive don't match your mental or physical state, you need to think about the long term impact.  Make better decisions before you get behind the wheel of a car. 

Stay up-to-date with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association on all things related to road safety.

The National Safety Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide information about safety on the road, at home and at work.  

The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides the most current information related to driving requirements for new and existing drivers. 

An early advocate group for the safety of our drivers, Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides the sobering facts on drunk driving.  

Behind the Wheel with ADHD is an excellent resource for parents that may require additional help in deciding the best course of action for their new drivers.   The Driving Experience, Driving Simulator is certified through Behind the Wheel with ADHD to help with drivers that may need help moving forward with their decision to begin, learn and practice safe driving habits.

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