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Adult Drivers

Lead By Example

When polled, 77% of adults and 55% of teenage drivers say that they can easily manage texting while driving.

Come test our Distracted Driving Experience simulator module and face the consequences of distracted and impaired driving. 

As adult drivers, we become comfortable in our driving skills and may forget to practice the safety we were focused on when we first started to drive.  That comfort and experience may lead to taking chances, omitting critical driving decisions and making false assumptions that we are in control all the time because we have "experience".  

In our simulated environment, adult drivers may discover skills needed to improve errors that cause accidents and unrecognized infractions that may lead to the loss of their driver's license, while moving toward improvements to overall driving skills free from distractions.



One leading cause of accidents and driving fatalities is impaired driving due to alcohol, drug or medication intake, texting and using our phones.  With our driving simulator, the One Simple Decision module helps with:


  • Taking the driver through a series of situations that demonstrate the dangers and consequences of distracted and impaired driving

  • Teaches the behaviors and actions that must change in order to avoid the distractions 

  • Reiterates the consequences of injuring another driver or yourself, of losing driving privileges and/or being incarcerated for driving under the influence

  • Shows court system process for consequences of impaired/distracted driving

Why do so many teenagers text while driving? (

Teenagers have a very sad excuse when they are asked why they do it when they know the risks. The standard excuse is that they have seen adults do it too. Good parenting involves leading by example. If you are a parent and you take your kid on a drive, and you text, you are making it seem to them as if texting and driving is something “cool” to do.

Refine your driving skills to minimize distractions such as text messages that can wait or calls that can be made off to the side of the road. Utilize our simulators to help refresh your knowledge and reset the basic driving skills of safe driving each time you get behind the wheel and share the road with others.  

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