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DE - Driving Essentials: The 16 primary modules of the driving simulator program.  It includes the pre-assessment to set the baseline of skills and takes the driver through all the lessons geared to improve the driving experience.  A post-assessment will be used to show improvement levels and mastery of the simulator program.

OSD - One Simple Decision: Distracted driving and impaired driving are critical factors in today's driving.  The OSD module will take drivers through a series of situations and consequences related to making the decision to allow distractions and poor choices while driving.

FD - Free Drive:  Our driving environments are not static.  In Free Drive, the conditions for driving may be changed to teach drivers about uncontrollable situations determined by weather, traffic conditions, time of day and location driving. 


The price shown is for the entire package of hours in your selection. 

  Please call to schedule your appointment(s) - (949) 247-6694.


Sessions may be scheduled at one hour per booking.  If additional hours are desired in one appointment, you may block out the hours you would like at the time of scheduling. We recommend one hour per driver so that the experience is processed gradually and to minimize fatigue.

A full refund will be provided if made:
• In writing (no reason for the cancellation is necessary, but must include: Student’s Name, Phone Number, Date and Time of Appointment);
• Sent via email to:; AND
• At least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time.
Any and all refunds will be given in the form of original payment made. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED IF CANCELLATION IS RECEIVED LESS THAN 24 HOURS FROM APPOINTMENT TIME.


We accept check, cash, Paypal or Zelle payments.

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