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The Driving Experience, Driving Simulator

Why Use A Driving Simulator?


Every novice and every skilled driver will be confronted with situations that require quick thinking and clear decision making to avoid a driving accident or a potentially fatal collision. Making driving decisions that are life-changing are best learned and practiced on our driving simulators. It's the best environment for making driving errors, refining driving skills and improving overall driving performance that will reinforce decisions that may be critical for the course of your life and/or that of another driver. 

We encourage our drivers to explore the driving simulator if they are experiencing or have had:

  • Fear or anxiety about driving

  • Executive functioning challenges

  • Are not sure what to expect in real driving

  • Any other challenges that present limitations in building confidence in learning to drive

  • Experienced a head trauma and would like to reconnect with driving 

  • Recovery from a physical injury that limits movement in a real car

  • Or any concern with feeling safe behind the wheel of a car and want more practice


To provide new and existing drivers a simulated environment that gives them the comfort and safety of learning from their driving mistakes.


From driving in the rain to crashing at an intersection - our simulators will take drivers through driving conditions that could be harmful or deadly in the real world.


The development of skills that help drivers anticipate driving scenarios that may occur in real life and lead to self-correction before any danger may occur.

Distracted driving

Recognizing the dangers and harm that impaired and distracted driving lead to so that drivers make safer choices about whether taking that call or texting that "quick" message is worth your life or someone else's.

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