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Free Drive

Driving Essentials

Driving Essentials

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Change Your Driving Environment

Our one hour Free Drive module was designed to give simulator drivers the opportunity to modify their driving environment in ways that they may not be used to driving in customarily.  The options include changing the weather, the time of day they are driving, the type of traffic they want to simulate, and the location - all with the intent of teaching the skills needed to navigate under the changed conditions.  In Free Drive, skills are tested and situations are presented that may challenge an experienced driver and may excite a novice driver.  

Making changes to our driving simulator environments presents situations that expand a driver's knowledge base and skill-set while driving in unfamiliar conditions.  Simulation driving is great for enriching the driving experience in conditions that are new to drivers and it is all provided in an environment of safety and control - where errors and inexperience become goals to overcome.

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